What have I done?
Again I’ve said what I did not intend,
false, and distorted.
Will I ever properly represent
this inner thing?
Explain to the world
what it really is.

It comes out broken
and disconnected
dependant on a language
of limbs and clacking jaw.
I try to give with the eyes
but jolt-
to hold a gaze
into the deeper place.

I’ve said all I could
and know even this
is beyond what is needed.
from the beginning:
this could never be mediated.

~N. Yaremczuk

To be clear: what I say does not represent what I think. Nor does what I do. My actions do not speak louder than my words, nor do my words speak louder than my actions. The fact is you cannot ever know what I truly think, because neither can I.

There’s no one on the round, merry go round
bobbing up and down
all the gilded horses and pigs

just children
weaving in and out
on the platform
playing tag
grabbing each other’s hands,
then pulling away

like cherubs dancing
on a spinning plate
winking and sighing
twirling to the tiny bells
of the music box

they don’t think about
when the ride will stop
nor where to go
and with whom
when their feet
meet the ground.

-n.yaremczuk 2014